Sustainable development


Stakeholder engagement80
Below, the report lists the key stakeholders believed to have a significant impact on each individual legal entity in the Group and vice versa; what is more, these stakeholders also actively contribute in adding value to our business operations.
While we did not directly include our key stakeholders in the preparation of the sustainability report in the reporting period 2018, we recognised and highlighted, through their previous cooperation and based on the assessment and experience of our professional services, those areas of particular interest to them. As we are well aware of the importance of involving stakeholders in sustainable development and reporting, this will be one of the goals in future reporting.

We cultivate responsible and sincere relations with all our stakeholders. In doing so we follow the recommendations and rules of public reporting, the code of ethics and internal rules. Additionally, we seek out opportunities to simplify access to information and opinion sharing, making use of information technology, which is unconstrained by time and space.

In the Sava Re Group, employees, policyholders, cedants, shareholders, prospective investors, regulators, unions, communities, suppliers and the media are recognised as the stakeholders that play a key role in its existence and successful operations.
80: GRI 102-40, 102-42, 102-43, 102-44, 102-46
Type of involvement
Content and objective
Employee participation (workers’ council and unions)
Internal formal events (strategic conferences, professional and educational events)
Internal informal events (informal meetings, team building events, sports events, parties)
Internal training/consultations
Management by objectives (annual appraisal interviews)
Internal web and print media
Thinking out of the box
Electronic mail
Personal contact
Opinion polls/questionnaires
Sports societies
Information, awareness
Stimulating ideas to improve the working environment and business process
Two-way communication
Culture building, improving relations
One-to-one counselling
Compliments and complaints
Websites, blogs
Contact centre
Market communication through different channels
Expert meetings/conferences
Social networks
Service quality
Customer focus
Quick problem solving
Customer-friendly attitude
Identifying actual market needs
Modern sales channels
Shareholders and prospective investors
Supervisory board meeting
General meeting of shareholders
Public notifications (SEOnet and
Financial reports
Letter to shareholders
Electronic mail
Investor conferences and webcasts
Equal access to information
Clear dividend policy
In-depth information on business operations
Sustainable operations
Strategic policy
Credit rating
Regular and extraordinary reporting to the Insurance Supervision Agency (ISA) and Securities Market Agency (SMA)
Regular and extraordinary reporting to the Competition Protection Agency (CPA)
Compliance with legislation
Transparency of operations
Security of policyholders
Trade unions
Regular meetings
Cooperation (coordination) in preparation of internal acts
Employee engagement in governance
Employee benefits
Employee remuneration
Ensuring a friendly working environment
Direct contact with local decision makers
Support to non-profit organisations through sponsorships and donations
Support for preventive actions
Employee assistance
Involving the company/employees in local communities and society at large
Co-financing of projects important for the local community
Enhancing security through preventive actions
Infrastructure investments
Awareness raising among the population
Invitations to participation
Environmentally friendly materials
Paperless operation
Digitisation of operations
Payment reliability
Honouring agreements
Delivery of waste disposal certificates
Supporting local economy
Press releases
Press conferences
Answers to journalists’ questions
Providing information to the general public
Strengthening the positive realistic image of the Company/Group